Confidence in Christ: Being Yourself When You Want to Be Someone Else
If you have ever struggled with insecurity or a general sense that you just aren’t good enough, you will relate to Ashley’s personal story. She will share how God has helped her become victorious over critical self-thoughts and encourage you to:
• Find confidence in your relationship with Jesus instead of in yourself
• Stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on how to love others
• See yourself the way God sees you

Christ Over Culture
Everywhere you look, the American culture says that you’ll never do enough, have enough or be enough. Ashley uses biblical truth and personal stories to show you the importance of:
• Seeking God and His righteousness before you seek anything else
• Feeding on Christ instead of culture
• Comparing yourself to the cross instead of your companions

Taking Your Thoughts Captive
As women, we have tons of thoughts and feelings, and we often react out of them to our detriment. Ashley expounds on the principle in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to show you how to:
• Take those thoughts captive
• Make them obedient to Christ
• Experience freedom from the tyranny of thoughts which attempt to rule you

YOUnity: When Unity Begins with a You
Are you trying to figure out how to unify your church, organization or business? Here’s a hint…unity starts with a YOU! Ashley helps you to see:
• Optimism and kindness are contagious
• Criticism and comparison are toxic
• You are integral to changing the atmosphere in your sphere of influence

Overcoming Fear: Changing “What If” To “Even If”
Have you been trying to encourage those under your leadership to overcome strongholds? Ashley openly shares her journey with anxiety and the freedom she has seen in surrendering her fears to the Lord. With this poignant topic, she will encourage you to:
• Surrender everything in your life to the power of God
• Change the conversation from “What If” to “Even If” as you think through your circumstances
• Never stop fighting for your place in peace

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